HyperX Cloud II - Must / Punane / 3.5mm / USB / 7.1 (KHX-HSCP-RD)

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Türi 10E kaubaväljastus6KOHAL
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tellitav30 tk1-4 tp
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HyperX® Cloud II features a newly designed USB sound card audio control box that amplifies audio and voice for an optimal Hi-Fi gaming experience, so you can hear what you’ve been missing. Open up a world of detail other gamers will never know – the rustle of a camper’s boot, the scuttle in a distant vent. Its independent audio and microphone volume control lets you adjust not only sound volume but also mic volume and easily toggle Surround Sound 7.1 or the mic sound on and off. This next-generation headset generates virtual 7.1 surround sound with distance and depth to enhance your gaming, movie or music experience. Pinpoint your opponents’ location in the game and strike before he sees you coming. HXK20. ELK20
Kõrvaklappide tüüpClose Air
Traadita internet (wifi)Ei
Pistiku tüüp1 x mini-jack 3.5mm (kõrvaklapid+mikrofon), USB
Juhtme pikkus1 m, 3 m
Volume controlJah
Driver unit53 mm
Sagedusala (kõrvaklappidel)15-25000 Hz
Kõrvaklappide sagedus60 oomi
Kõrvaklappide tundlikkus98 dB/mW
Sagedusala (mikrofonil)50-18000 Hz
Mikrofon takistus2,2 kohm
Operation rangedepending on kaabli pikkus
Lisainfowww.kingston.com [LINK]
Tootjagarantii2 aastat
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