Camelion SR54/G10/389, hõbe Oxide Cells, 1 pc(s)

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Camelion SR54/G10/389, Silver Oxide Cells, 1 pc(s)

Weee taxNo
Plastic (no pet)4.00 g
Gross depth (mm)90.00 mm
Gross width (mm)55.00 mm
Gross height (mm)5.00 mm
Composition of batteryCL127:KT:2016-12-09
Classification of batteryCL126:NE:2016-12-09
Type of batteryBattery
Embeeded batteryNo
Battery voltage1.55 V
Other features"no mercury"
Number of batteries included1 pc(s)
Battery technologySilver Oxide Cells
Package typeBlister
Warranty12 month(s)
Gross weight0.02 kg
Net weight0.01 kg
Packing quantity1.00 pc(s)
Ti weight (kg)0.01 kg
Volume (m3)0.00 m
Tare weight (kg)0.01 kg
Package content1-pack
Capacity78mAh to 0,9V
Dimensions11,5 x 3 mm
Weight1,2 g
Tootjagarantii2 aastat
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